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Letter for gratitude

To Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co, Ltd.:
We are a factory manufacturing chloroethylene. In the past, we used glass lined reactors of other factories, but their products had problems so often that they broke after several months, or even within a week. We got information from a craft brother that the quality of reactors of Taiji is good, and he told us that the high performance enamel they use is developed by themselves. But I didn’t believe him very much because at that time the products of some big well-known enterprise are not very good,let alone Taiji’s. So I placed a tentative order for one set from Taiji, and found the quality is really good after it was put into operation for a period of time. There is no need to worry about losses caused by bad product from other facttories. So far, we have continuously bought several dozens of sets of equipment, and none of them has ever had problem of quality. Now the longest operation time for safety usage has reached up to nearly three years.

Hongyuan chemical factory, Renqiu, Hebei province, China
Wang Shusen


Letter for gratitude
We bought six sets of glass lined reactor from Taiji in March 2001. By now, they have been operating safely for two years. In March this year, there was something wrong with one piece of equipment. But our production schedule didn’t allow even a little delay in production at that time, so our manager urged me to call Taiji for help. I had two pieces of worry: the first was that the staff of Taiji had been out of office in 9:00 PM, and the second was that guarantee time of the equipment had gone beyond its period of time. At last, I decided to have a try. Then I called Zhang Liang of Taiji in the sales department, and out of our anticipation, they sent technical assistance staff to come to us directly after they received our phone. They got rid of equipment malfunction in time and ensured normal operation for us, we appreciate their help very much. We are lucky that there is still stable support with so good after-sale service in our chemical field.

Shandong Longwei chemical Co., Ltd.


We ordered more than 10 sets of reactors from Taiji. During the process of production, we received a phone call from Taiji and know that their stoves were damaged accidentally.They asked whether we agreed to put off the term of delivery or not. We worried at that very much, since the production assignment would be influenced. So I hurried to Taiji company by bus in the night. There I confirmed the fact their stoves were damaged, then I went to their board chairman MR Fu Guangsheng for complaint. After I had my introduction in brief to him, he told the employees of production section to rush to repair the stoves, The chief of production section said stoves probably scraped if they rushed to repair the stoves without stopping. The chairman said “customer the highest, prestige the first”, no matter how great the company’ lost is, it was not allowed to bring losses to customers. Then he rushed with the workers to repair the stoves suffering the high temperature, under their efforts together, our order was delivered on time. Taiji company is really a company who does and thinks in the way the client wants most .

Jining Antibiotic Plant


The glass lined reactors we used before are from another enterprise; the quality is not very good. Their reactors always have problems of enamel collapse and corruption, and make us suffer great losses. But we never have had such problems since we used products of Taiji. It is said that they use enamel developed by themselves, and they use electric stove, each process is manufactured and checked according to relevant standard of the country, so the quality of Taiji ’s equipment has reached to the leading level in the chemical equipment field. Our supervisor speak highly of products of Taiji, and send a brocade banner saying “ Taiji’s product own the top-grade quality”.

Zibo Dongfeng Chemical Factory


We used the glass lined reactors of a factory in Zibo in the past, but because of quality problems, inner enamel sheds off in big areas, that leads to replacements for three times in a month, and we suffered huge economic losses. A friend introduced Taiji’s products to us, so we ordered a set of equipment from Taiji. The equipment works well even 6 months later. Our leader is very satisfied with their product, so let me send a brocade banner "Taiji’s reactor - high quality and excellent prestige" to Taiji company to show our thankfulness.

Feng Le Chemical Engineering Co, Ltd
Wang Qiang


Since we began to use glass lined reactors of Zibo Taiji group in 1997, I think both its quality and service is top-grade. Some time ago, the engine seal we were using needed to be replaced, but we didn’t have such technical supplier in this field, so we gave Taiji a call for help. At 8:00 AM, next day, their technical personnel arrived at our factory to replace it and debug the equipment in time. We get back into normal production without delay. Therefore, we write this letter to show our gratitude for the spirit that Taiji leaders and employees are responsible for customers.

Le Kai Film Factory of China
Supply Department Gao

We have done business with Taiji for about ten years and know well about Taiji’s business practice, from its product quality to services, and from its delivery to prestige. Because of some business connection, we signed a purchase contract with a state-run enterprise in September of 2003, and the delivery time was one and a half months. But they still didn’t deliver the goods when it exceeded two months. This would cause a bad influence to our sales if we missed the best season, and as a result, we would face a loss of nearly 3~4million. To minimize the loss, we turned to Taiji for help. You did your best and finished the task within 7 days, saving loss of about 5~6 million for us. From then on, we decided to purchase equipments all from Taiji, and show our thankfulness to Taiji for your support to us.

Shandong Dacheng Pesticide Co., Ltd.


Our manager and I went to Zibo to inspect enamel equipment in May 1999. After 2 days’ inspection, we thought Taiji is the best in terms of management, factory setup and products. Their manager, Mr. Xu told us: “All the other manufacturers use carbon stove, except for us, this has the advantage of avoiding carbon stove crack, smoke and dust pollution, uneven temperature, and enamel collapse. The enamel is corrosion-resistant and of high quality which is developed by ourselves. The quality of products is guaranteed absolutely.” To seek a long-term cooperation, we decided to order the majority of equipment from Taiji, and several sets from a famous business enterprise, so that comparison can be made for our decision. The products of that famous enterprise were already broken after 2 months’ usage, brought great losses to us and a lawsuit occurred between us two. Luckily, Taiji provided new glass lined equipment to us. So far, we have used 200 sets of Taiji, and the quality is good. Products of Taiji bring good benefit to us, so I would say sincerely:"Taiji is the best one compared with other plants!"

Beijing Technology Development Co., Ltd.


We bought 7 sets of equipment from a enamel factory in Zibo in January, 2003, and not a long time later, we discovered that there were too many problems with the equipment, so we contacted the manufacturer, and they came to us for once, but didn’t resolve actual problems of the equipment, since then there is no news messages from them. It is said that products of Taiji have high quality and good prestige, but we worried that they would not serve us because our equipment was not from Taiji. Nevertheless we still decided to come to Taiji for a try. To our surprise, their sales manager agreed to help us without hesitation. He said we had been friends although you only bought fittings from us, so your difficulty is also ours. I was very excited at the moment. In the same day, Mr. song of Taiji went to our company together with us. He continued to work for a whole day and night, and finally, our equipment came back to normal. When we gave Mr. song a gift for remembrance, he refused to accept, and said “Good service is our promise to every customer, and one will be dismissed if he accepts gifts on business.” We admire they have such employees with high quality, and we also trust their products. We will buy equipment from Taiji when we need later.

Dongying Shengtong Chemical Engineering Company


Do and think in the way of customers. We are a factory specializing in production of chlorine polythene, so requirements for glass lined reactors are demanding. When our company leaders and technical personnel arrived at Taiji company, the staff in the sales department welcomed them with enthusiasm and discussed some questions on equipment with us. It is 46 months since we started to use products of Taiji and nothing wrong with the equipment occurred, while we had toreplace equipment per 2~6 months when we use reactors of other company! Products of Taiji save us more cost in replacing equipment. Herein we would like to give our thankfulness to them!

Liao Ning Da Hua Group Co., Ltd.


We are a joint venture, and glass lined reactors we used in the past were imported from abroad. Recently, production tasks are very heavy, while our equipment always breaks down, which brings us heavy loss. It is troublesome to contact manufacturer abroad, and the after-sale service is nearly impossible because of the far away distance, high price and urgent production schedule don’t allow us to order new equipment, so we plan to seek a glass lined reactor manufacturer in the domestic market. But because the standard of flange abroad is different from that in our local market, we find none is fit after we investigate many manufacturers. A friend told us that Zibo Taiji have ASME certification, and they can make equipment as per specifications abroad. So we ordered one set for a trial, after using a period, we find this set consists with technical requirement completely. Up to now, we have bought more than 30 reactors from Taiji. The pioneer set has been operating well for 5 years. On behalf of our company, I will say: "Comparison of manufacturers shows Taiji is the best!"

Hei Longjiang Long Xin Company


I do business near ZheJiang, I ordered 26 sets of 1000L, 9 sets of 3000L and 9 sets of 2000L reactors fromTaiji. It is unfortunately that we met the epidemic “SARS “, the transport vehicles are rare and freight is very high. The sales personnel of Taiji company tried their best to help us resolve the vehicle problem. The price of freight is in the scope that I can accept. Taiji is the only company which delivers the goods on time. All that they do shows the tenet “credit standing the first, customer the paramount” Taiji advocates.

San Sunru


Sales department of Taiji company: We are Jiu Xin Medical Limited Company in Shenzhen, we knew products of your company through a friend, so we purchased K3000L, K2000L and K1000L reactors. The equipment needed immediate installing when they arrived at our company, so we gave you a phone call. Out of our expectation, the after-sale service personnel came to our company in the next day directly they received our request. They started working without having a break. Finally, they finished the installing work in advance after a day and a night. They shot for time for us and created the new Shenzhen speed. Thanks to them, we get the best chance to enter market. You consider for customers, I show gratitude to your company on behalf of our company.
Regards to your company.

Shen Zhen


Sales department of Taiji company: We use your products of L3000L, K5000L glass lined reactors in six sets totally. 18 months’ normal operation proves that your product’s function is stable, and the quality is very good. Recently we plan to start medical intermediate project with an investment about 30,000,000 Yuan RMB. Our management decides to purchase all equipments from Taiji.

Equipment Department, Li Cheng Crystal Organic Chemical Engineering Group


Two comrades of after–sale service of Taiji went to our company to install the 7 sets of reactors from them from January 3rd to 8th, and there are F20000L, F16000L two big sets included. We arranged 4 people in our company to learn the installation so that they can perform repair work in the subsequent production process.The equipment for solvent oil requires to be hanged to the flat roof of 28 meters. They two must work on the top of tower and on the ground continuously, it is 11℃ blow zero and 7 class strong wind, they ignored all. Finally, they finished the mission of installing and debugging 7 sets completely through 6 days’ work. All of us admired the attitude of themtowards work, we wish to establish colleague relation of long – term cooperation.

Qingdao Shida Zhuoyue Scientific Technology Joint-stock Company



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