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Q: what honour does Taiji gain?
A: With the slogan "No path can be followed for upgrading and efforts on product and its cost control brings about high quality and low-priced products." Taiji company opposes the social ethos of speciosity and gaining the glory certificate blindly. It is also against of the enterprises which buys the excellent quality goods and distinction with money. We will carry out all the things that is good for the product and customers no matter how difficult it is. We will let the customer say from the bottom of their hearts that our product is first class, our company is first class and our staff is responsible.
The principle of Taiji to any honour and certificate is that do what is good to the product and customers, never do what is for speciosity and reclame. It will not bribe someone which will forster some bad social ethos. The honour got by that way is just a shame. Inaddtion, it is also a behavior of cheating customers.
At present, Taiji has mainly got over than 100 honoured certificates including design and manufacture certificates for pressure vessel and glass lined equipment, foreign trade license, ISO9001 quality system certificate(the first manufacturer in the chinese glass lined business acquiring this certificate), ASME certificate, provincial model enterprise for patent, youth civilization model, quality trustful enterprise, advanced enterprise of glass lined equipment, city's major tax payer and so on.

Q: We are a manufacturer of chloridized polyethylene and it has been 46 months since we used your glass-lined equipment, the equipment still operate normally. However, other equipment can only operate for several months. What’s the reason why such a big difference exists in like span?
A: Fankly speaking, the glaze we used before cannot reach such a effect at all. Since we applied the AS906 series glaze and processing equipment with innovated technology, the corrosion resistance capacity of our equipment keeps up with the world’s advanced level, and the equipment available for export to the US, Japan, Australia also adopts this series glaze, which offers very good corrosion resistance effect. The equipment exported to those countries has already been operating in normal conditions for almost 5 years.

Q: Why is the price of Taiji’s glass-lined equipment so low, it is known that yours are jerry-built, is that true?
A: When an enterprise grows up rapidly, it is normal that there are always some comments which go adversely with the facts. After the price of Taiji’s products is published on newspapers, it stirs up many users’ responses, some of whom do not believe it or even doubt its quality. After more than 20 manufacturers in the same business visit and inspect Taiji’s operation process, they are convinced that Taiji’s products are manufactured with advanced processing equipment as per stringent national standards and heated in electric stoves (the cost can be two times higher than coal stove), therefore avoiding the effect on the glass lining of the CO2 and SO2 produced when coal stoves are used. The personality of the Taiji’s people guarantees your satisfaction. Our price should be the lowest in terms of the quality of our products. The reason why we are in a position to offer such a low price is that we implement strict management, and moreover we do not have any liability, any corruption, any laymen. Besides, our staff have their loyalty to the company and we have 32 patents. As a result, we have out price advantage and also quality advantage, which puts us in a right position to manufacture large-scale glass-lined equipment. Of course, we still have our shortcomings, so your visit and comments are welcomed.

Q: Has Taiji become the largest manufacturer of glass-lined equipment in China?
A: Whether Taiji has been the largest manufacturer of glass-lined equipment in China needs to be inspected and decided by the users. Presently, Taiji Company covers an area of 309 Mu (20.6 hectares) including an area of 6.3 hectares for workshops and its annual output reaches 10,000 sets of glass-lined equipment. The municipal government of Zibo City cares a lot about the development of Taiji and gives considerable support. We believe that Taiji will definitely become a worldwide famous company and win confidence of all users in different countries all over the world.

Q: It is known that you are good at Taiji Gongfu, and understand the in-depth implications of Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu, is all this true?
A: Almost everybody of Taiji’s more than 500 staff can practice Taiji Quan. We wear the same costumes at 6 in the morning and practice Taiji Quan after breakfast, which has lasted for 6 years. The purpose of this is no more than for physical fitness since life is very wonderful and profound. All the friends who have relationships with Taiji have their in-depth luck, which reserves their cherishing, so all the friends of Taiji must be lucky and successful.

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