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Ten Differences of Taiji's Products from Others

1. All the processes are carried out in workshops from purchase of steel plates to finished products, avoiding corrosion of rainwater to the steel plates and products. All products are manufactured in a huge production line, which ensures high quality, application of specialized technology and good-looking appearance. Meanwhile, services like returns, replacement and maintenance are provided.

2. Glaze on the inside of the equipment is heated in electric furnaces, which ensures clean surface, stable quality, non-collapse and contamination ( others use coal or gas stoves ).

3. Different furnaces are used for different product specifications, which avoid deformation of the product and saves cost.

4. Taiji has thirty two patents including sixteen for glass-lined equipment furnaces, for example, the under-ground hang-up heating furnaces and conveyor for the hearted product considerably improve the product quality and saves cost.

5. Taiji is the only manufacturer which treats the outside surface of the product with shot blasting followed by painting, which ensures more good looking appearance, being the first rate in the world.

6. The glass lining used by Taiji has been used and tested for many years by H&S in the US and Sumikin in Japan, which shows that its performance compares favorably with that of the world's manufacturers in the same business line ( If used carefully, the product can maintain dozens of years).

7. The largest product in volume reaches 100, 000 L. Taiji is the only manufacturer in China that makes product in such specifications.

8. All the products are manufactured in accordance with the manufacture standard for pressure vessels. The thickness of the steel plates used is guaranteed up to the requirements by the standard for pressure vessels.

9. The steel plates used in the manufacture of products are outsourced from leading steel manufacturers and cut by means of CNC cutting machine, which ensures accurate dimensions and the following manufacturing processes.

10. Most of the accessories of the equipment are made by Taiji itself, so the quality, aftersale service and convenience in supply can be guaranteed.

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