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Ten Major Characteristics of Zibo Taiji Company

1. Taiji covers an area of 20.6 hektares including a workshop area of 63 thousand square meters and possesses a total assets of 0.18 billion in RMB.

2. Taiji's total annual production capacity reaches 10 thousand sets and the largest equipment in capacity made reaches 100 thousand liters.

3. Taiji's products are divided into two categories: The first is the top picks, which are made in streamlined technological process, heated in electric furnace. The surface of the equipment is treated with shot blasting and rust resistant paint and the inside is glass lined with high rate corrosion resistant glass lining. One-year guarantee is provided for this product category. This product category enjoys good-looking appearance and high corrosion resistance. The glass-lined surface is clean, free from pollution and no glass lining collapse; The second is the regular product series, which is the popular product and heated in coal or gas furnace. The glass lining used is the high quality one from China's south area. Six-month guarantee is provided for this product series at very low prices. ( Now it has been eliminated. )

4. Taiji enjoys more than one hundred different honorable certificates including ASME Certificate, PED Certificate, ISO9001 Certificate, Certificate for manufacture of glass-lined equipment, Shandong Provincial Model Enterprise Certificate and Certificate for Large Scale Manufacturer in the Chinese Mechanical Industry. Its products have been exported to more than twenty countries including the US, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Chile, Spain,Poland, Latvia, Colombia,Brazil,UAE, Japan,Saudi Arabia, Korea, Peru,Thailand, Malaysia and so on.

5. Taiji possesses 32 patents with high technological contents and automation.

6. Taiji possesses huge power resource, including 15 patented furnaces ( the temperature
can reach 1200 degrees Celsius ) and a series of other manufacturing equipment and tools. Different furnace is specialized for different product specifications. By adopting furnace temperature self-control devices and other scientific method, the glass lining temperature is easily controlled while deformation is maintained to the minimum. As a result, stable product quality and free from glass lining collapse can be obtained. The heating temperature difference of the product can be controlled within 3.5 degrees Celsius,reaching the world's first rate level. ( the dry air in Zibo city make the quality more stable )

7. The president of Taiji Fu Guangsheng is one of the ten prominent youth of Zibo City. He enjoys Taichi Chuan and has an indepth understanding of Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu and uses such doctrine in management. He never accepts the customer's invitation to dinner and bribes, has no insatiable desire for money, eroticism, cigarette, liquor, candy, tea and meat. He lives in a very simple life with only five Yuan for its daily personal expenses. As a result, good working environment has been created at all levels of Taiji. Taiji's staff will enter into a new era with more vigorous working spirits.

8. Taiji never flubdubs for public's preference and resorts to deception. Spending money on high remarks on itself and peacockery does nothing good to its product's quality, but brings about disappointment and averseness. As a result, Taiji's slogan is "No path can be followed for upgrading and only efforts on product and its cost control can bring about high quality and low priced products". Customers have the final say on quality.

9. Taiji's products enjoy good quality and low price with only 3-5% profit ( the other manufacturers will run at a loss at the same price level ) and good service as well. Moreover, it guarantees returns, replacement and maintenance of its products. So a large number of customers turn to Taiji and this brings a lot of rumors, falsities and depreciation. It is normal for a fast growing enterprise to be envied, so we invite customers to come for a visit to check all such rumors for their reality. Taiji only wants to bring customers the most and real benefits and does not want to hurt anyone. We need the customer's understanding and do not insist on those who have no luck with us.

10. Taiji will reward customer who have had their comments and suggestions to Taiji's acceptance. Any enterprises have their own disadvantages; the only difference lies in more or less. Taiji's president, Mr. Fu Guangsheng, would like to make friends with all customers, so please turn to him if you have any complaints, he will definitely give a satisfactory reply in time.

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