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Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co., Ltd is located in zibo city, Shandong province. It specializes in manufacturing glass lined reactor, glass lined storage tank, glass lined distillation tank, glass lined column, glass lined heatexchanger etc. and all kinds of non standard glass lined chemical equipment, stainless steel equipment and all kinds of glass lined accessories. The specification of the glass lined reactor is from 50L to 80000L.
Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co., Ltd was founded in 1986, after more than 20 years development, Taiji has become the largest glass lined equipment manufacturer in China. Taiji's equipment has been broadly applied in chemical, pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.
Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co., Ltd occupies a total area of 20.6 hektares including 6.3 hektares of workshops. It produces over 10000 sets of glass lined equipments per year. Taiji pocesses the design and manufacturing license for type I, II and III pressure vessels, ISO 9001 certificate and ISO 14000 certificate, American ASME and European PED certificate. Taiji's equipment has been exported with large quantities to the overseas market such as USA and Europe and clients think very highly of the quality of Taiji's equipment.
The company adopts advanced domestic glass lining equipment burning technology developed by hanging, self-developed high-grade strong corrosion resistance glass lined enamel, furnace temperature digital control device and other taiji glass lined equipment manufacturing patent method, all the glass lined equipment are burned by electric furnace with same specification in one electric furnace, making a gain of enamel equipment with glass lining porcelain evenly, non-deformation, quality reliable and stable, strong corrosion resistance, not easy collapsed, glass lining porcelain face clean and non-pollution etc.
Based on our years of experience, 42 patents and technological innovation, Taiji is poised to become the world leader in the manufacturing and sales of high quality glass lined processing equipment. Whether you needs standard glass lined equipment or special design glass lined equipment, Taiji should be your first choice.
  ZiBo TaiJi Glass-lined Equipment
KF Type Glass-lined Reactors
FF Type Glass-lined Reactors
DIN AE and CE Type Reactors
Reactor with half pipe jacket
Vertical Glass-lined Tanks
ZK Type Glass-lined Tanks
ZF Type Glass-lined Tanks
ZW Type Glass-lined Tanks
Glass-lined Distillation Tank
Glass-lined Column
Glass-lined Condenser
Glass-lined Stainless Steel reactor
High-performance glass lining
Zibo Taiji stainless steel equipment
SS Reactors
SS Storage Tanks
SS Heating Exchanger
SS Film Evaporator
Alcohol recover tower
Glass lined equipment accessories
Fluorplastic alloy centrifugal pump
Traditional glass-lined agitator
Blade-type glass-lined agitator
Helical gear Reducer
Single Mechanical Seal
Double Mechanical Seal
Glass-lined Pressure Indicator
Glass-lined Flush Valve
Glass-lined Diaphragm Valve
Split Flange
Reducing Joint
Glass-lined thermometer pocket
Glass-lined Pipes
Glass-lined Level Meter

glass lined reactor profiles

  Removal and installation of the mechanical seals  
Fluorplastic alloy centrifugal pump
glass lined columns
Glass-lined Heat Exchanger
Closed Enamel Reactor
Glass-lined discharge valve
Glass-lined agitator
Open-type glass-lined reactor
Glass-lined discharge valve
Open-type glass-lined reactor
Closed Glass Lined Reactor
Stainless steel dryer
Open-type glass-lined reactor
Ex reducer
Glass-lined pipe fittings
loose flange
Closed Enamel Reactor
Semi-Tubular Glass Lined Reactor
Semi-Tubular Glass Lined Reactor
Semi-Tubular Glass Lined Reactor
Glass-lined tank
Glass-lined pipe
Glass-lined pipe
loose flange
Glass-lined thermometer casing
glass-lined agitator
glass-lined agitator
Blade Style glass-lined agitator
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Taiji, the world's leading glass-lined equipment manufacturer.    Taiji,the source for the best quality glass-lined equipment.
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